A Helping Hand

when it's needed the most.

A Place to Hope

The Hamilton Place is a house of refuge for women and their immediate need of shelter, safety, food and surroundings that provide much warmth, caring and emotional support.

A Place to Recover

A helping Hand is more than just a slogan. It’s our way of life. We provide women with a place to catch their breath, get a grip on things, while also maintaining their dignity, and ability to keep their family intact.

A Place to Restart

The Hamilton Place provides all the women we help with a wonderful, trusted friend. We are an essential stepping stone to pivot to a life beyond the circumstances that led them to us. We help them start over.




The Hamilton Place
I rate the Hamiltons as one of the best.  I am an immigrant and when I came to this country, not only was I provided with a place to live that I call home for me and my daughter, but I was given a job opportunity that I successfully turned into a business of my own.  I was able to provide for my daughter and I cannot thank them enough. I thank God every day for Mable.
The Hamilton Place
Mabel Hamilton was the only person to give me a place to stay when I needed it most. I had been homeless for a long time; years. Finding a place was the only thing stopping me from being reunited with my daughter. A year and a half later, I'm still not sure how I could ever repay her for what she's done for us. Not only did she give us a place to call home, but she's treated us as if we were family. My daughter even calls Mable Grandma. She really has been more like a mother to me than my landlord, a HUGE part of my support system.
The Hamilton Place
I migrated to Canada in 2003 to build a better life. I've been through some rocky paths, an abusive marriage and almost went into depression. Meeting Mable has been a life changer for my kids and myself. We now have a place to call home and experience love again. Mable is one of the few people I know who dedicates her life and time into helping and caring for others, making sure they can enjoy the essence of life again. I thank God for her being in my life.
The Hamilton Place

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